This Was Found By The Side Of The Road, But Wait Until You See What It Turned Into.

Polly is the sole survivor of the three emaciated horses found abandoned in the UK. After six months of rehabilitation, she’s finally healthy and happy. But the beginning of her story is absolutely tragic.

Discovered initially by the RSPCA, Polly was the most emaciated horse the Horse Trust had ever seen. After being rescued, her heroes began to see her spirit shine through; Polly proved to be very affectionate, despite her nightmarish life and her battle with malnourishment and skin issues. 

Jeanette Allen, Chief Executive of The Horse Trust said “It seems such a long time since Polly came to us in February. Hers was a case of cruelty of the worst kind. Her condition was so terrible that we could never be totally sure if she would pull through until recently. Every day Polly enjoys from now is a bonus. It won’t be the end of treatment for her, but it is the beginning of her new life.”

This is how Polly was found: starving, alone and on the brink of death.
Horse Trust
 Polly was finally rescued, and the Horse Trust began to nurse her back to health.

Horse Trust
 Polly was severely underweight, and had serious skin conditions.

Horse Trust
 Thanks to her heroes, Polly made a full recovery. Look at her INCREDIBLE transformation!

Horse Trust
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