America is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in the world due to its vast natural endowments as well as breath-taking human made landmarks. This makes it an ideal destination for both domestic and foreign tourists. 

With the introduction of the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) by the US government to determine the eligibility of visitors who prefer to use the Visitor Visa Waiver (VVW) program, travelling to America is becoming more efficient and cheaper than before. Some of the best tourist destinations in USA include

1. Washington DC
This city is quite a safe bet for an affordable tour of the US despite being the capital. It has a number of beautiful attractions which will not cost you anything to view. These include the elegant Smithsonian museums, exquisite monuments and zoos all of which are located near the mall and just within the city. You can find a hotel room to suit your taste and pocket at an average cost of. Moving around the city to view the sites will also not cost you much.
2. Nashville, Tennesse
This is home to smoky mountains of North Carolina. For party lovers, this is also the city to visit due to its busy night life in the different discos found in most streets. There are also restaurants with excellent chicken recipes which the city is famous for. You can spend as low as $20 for a meal and $56 for a bed in the lodgings there. 
3. Houston, Texas
This city offers attractive discount ratings of 94. You can also spend $67 a night. The sunny atmosphere offers outdoor opportunities. You can visit several museums and watch plays at the Miller Outdoor Theatre.
4. Eureka springs, Arkansas
For accommodation as cheap as $89 per night in the New Orleans Hotel and spa, you cannot miss the chance to see Victorian perfect houses, music clubs, and art galleries.
5. Portland Oregon
This is also another city with cheap accommodation of roughly $64 in most hotels. You will get to visit microbrewery factories. 
6. Austin, Texas
This city has numerous attractions which will satisfy your adventurous spirit. The fact that it is dry almost 90% of the year, it gives you ample time to explore the fields. You will particularly be enchanted by the Colorado River which snakes through the city. You will also enjoy hiking, canoeing or biking. You can even visit the natural springs found all over the highlands like the Barton spring. The city is also has a rich culture of music of genres like jazz and blues which you can listen for free in hotels like Continental Club. 
7. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
It has affordable hotel rooms, food and great out -door experiences. It is also located near New York City so you can travel there and catch some sights. 
8. New Orleans, Louisiana
The city has a beautiful coexistence of three cultures, French, Africa and Caribbean. There are many artful markets and a busy nightlife that will enchant you.
9. Tampa, Florida
For a cheaper, coastal experience this is the place to go. The cost of visiting the beautiful beaches and finding accommodation here is less compared to Miami.
10. Phoenix, Arizona
Enjoy a cheap tantalizing meal of as low as $5 or $10 in the renowned Matt’s Big Breakfast to start off the day. There are also many geographical wonders in the desert parts of the city. Features like canyons and sand dunes.
With all these scenic places, America indeed is a beautiful place worth visiting. Foreigners, who wish to visit the wonderful places, do not just sit there and lament that visiting the USA is a reserve for the rich, just follow the simple steps of applying for VVW (Visitor Visa Waiver) by filling your ESTA form today.

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