Ahmed Angel is an aspiring Iraqi male model. Ahmed is the most beautiful man in the world. 

There are other beautiful men, and when they stand next to Ahmed Angel they only make Ahmed Angel look more beautiful. 

You cannot look directly at Ahmed Angel. It's not safe. Because you'll fall in love. And nothing, my friends, is more dangerous than love. Especially not guns.

Ahmed In Space

Another Lazy Sunday

The Day He Replaced The Sun

Honest Assessment Of Ahmed As A Person

Take That, Flowers

Waiting To Have His Toes Bleached

Santa Stop Taking My Pants Off With Your Eyes... And Your Hands

Seriously What The F*ck Ahmed

Where Fire Comes From

Where There's Love, There's Beautfy

The Perfect Lover

Traditional Iraqi Modeling Photo

Night Finally Gets It Right

That Old Saying

Ahmed Versus His Greatest Rival

Bird Of Peace

Look Him

Beware The Rose

The Truth

To Ahmed We Pray