Have you ever experienced something you could swear you’ve experienced before? This is what is referred to as a “deja vu moment.”  People who are in touch with their psychic ability can sense that they have an instant connection with someone. That is also often our past lives communicating with us. We’re not the only ones who have lived multiple lives. Our loved ones have also lived multiple past lives. Below are 5 signs you’ve met someone from a past life.
1. There was an immediate positive connection
Have you ever met someone you immediately feel totally comfortable sharing all of your deepest thoughts and feelings?  Chances are your soul recognizes the person and you know instinctively that this is someone you’ve loved and trusted in a past life.
2. There was an immediate negative connection
We don’t just connect with the people we love; we also connect with the people we hate. Some of life’s greatest lessons are taught by people we hate.  If you have an immediate negative reaction to someone, it could be for something that happened in a past life.
3. You experience deja vu
If you have a deja vu experience with a person, chances are you had the same experience with that person in a past life.
4. You have a psychic connection
Have you ever known someone who you know so well on a soul level that you know what they are thinking and vice versa?
Souls that have shared one or more lifetimes tend to have a deeper connection than souls who are just interacting for the first time. If your connection is on a subconscious level, you’ve probably been together before.
5. You recognize their eyes
Have you ever met a complete stranger and could swear you’ve met before?  If you meet someone for the first time and recognize their eyes, it’s probably because you’ve been together in previous lifetimes. While our bodies change from lifetime to lifetime our eyes stay the same.
So, you can recognize someone from a previous lifetime by looking at their eyes.
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