We Saw Something Trapped Against A Tree, And NEVER Expected What We Found!

When a couple was driving their tractor through the woods one afternoon, they came across an animal that appeared to be having some trouble. As they drove closer, they realized what they were looking at: a helpless deer had got his antlers caught in chicken wire tied to the tree, and had been stuck there for what looked like a long time. The deer was exhausted, strained and frightened, and probably starving. Then, the man became a hero.
He pulled out his pliers and worked tirelessly to clip through each and every piece of chicken wire, while bravely holding onto the deer’s antlers so he wouldn’t hurt his neck any more. Finally, he let the deer free and we get to watch him run back into the wild as his hero looks on. AMAZING!! I’m so happy this man was there to save the day. What would you do if you saw this deer in trouble?!
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