The best letter written by a school teacher aiming school kids is getting popular these days.

Today, the society considers that a child's highest achievement is getting through exams with flying colors. But an English teacher has given an example to the world by writing a valuable letter proving the incorrectness of this. This article is getting popular through out the world.

That letter was written by a female teacher in charge of primary section, Bradford primary school, Lancashire, England.

It was written with the aim of encouraging school children who are due to face up coming exams.

The letter points out that the exam arrangers and examiners disregard children's other skills.

"Your examiners don't know that you have musical skills and other language skills. They don't know that you are a trustworthy child with a good character .So your all qualities aren't be measured in theses exams. These exams cans reveal one thing about you, not all. Be proud about the result you got from this exam, but be mindful that you got so many opportunities to be a bright child in this society.

Above are some of facts mentioned in the letter. The summary of the letter can be described as follows.

The children who are incapable of passing exams shouldn't give up their hopes. They have so many opportunities to brighten their future.

The letter injects this positive thought to children's minds.

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By: D.K. Kasun Sameera Dissanayake | Source : newsfirst.lk