Giving Is The Best Communication

Giving Is The Best Communication : Thai Mobile Advert That Has Everyone Weeping. Giving without hope of return

This Amazing Commercial From TrueMove H Thailand Will Make You Cry. "Giving Is The Best Communication" is a stunning, beautifully executed advertisement commercial for a Thai telecom company in Thailand. Watch and see if you agree that they're selling something much more important. The three-minute segment warmed the hearts of thousands since being released and serves as a powerful reminder of the power of being kind without expecting something in return.

In this three-minute commercial, we see a young Thai boy in a market place that gets caught stealing painkillers. As the storekeeper berates the young boy about stealing her merchandise, a soup seller at a nearby booth comes up to the boy and asks him if his mother is sick. The boy reluctantly nods yes. The poor soup seller then pays the woman the price of the painkillers and then calls to his daughter to bring the boy some veggie soup to take home. The girl rolls her eyes in a manner that lets us know, this was nothing new with her father ...

About this advertisement (translated from Thai language)

TrueMove H always believed that "communication is the best" , we communicate through television commercials . The story in this film . Reflect the concept of TrueMove H brand that believes ... giving without hope of return was the beginning of the real .

The plot was inspired . Stories from social media . Tells a story of hope for the return . Miraculously , however, get some consideration .

Because it is . Communication is the best . Even without saying a word. But the most powerful communication .

TrueMove H believes in the power of giving without expecting a return. And is committed to developing new communications technologies for the Thailand to create opportunities and improve the quality of life Thailand . Every communication. Connected to each other endlessly . TrueMove H live independent lives .

Source : Youtube