10 Things You do Every Day that are Killing You Slowly

#1 Drying Hair
It can be wrong with blow drying my hair though. Heat causes the hydrogen bonds in your hair to deteriorate which makes your hair susceptible to falling out.

#2 Using Computer

Using a computer can be damaging to your health. The screen brightness can cause eye strain and headaches. Some computers also contain toxins that cause neurological damage as well.

#3 Biting Pencils

Biting a pencil is not safe. Biting pencils and pens can damage your teeth or shift the positioning of them.

#4 Without Sunscreen

Go out without putting on sunscreen, it will damage your screen. Wow. Not only does sunblock protect you from harmful UV rays that cause skin damage, it helps your skin looking young.

#5 Showering Everyday

Showering every day with hot water and a scrubbing apparatus wears away your skin’s lipids which help keep your skin’s moisture.

#6 Jogging Increasing

Jogging increases your risk of arthritis, especially in your knees where most of the damage is felt.

#7 Eating Lemons

Eat lemons couldn’t be more wrong. The acidity in lemons actually erodes your teeth’s enamel, which is essential to a healthy mouth.

#8 Popcorn Damage Teeth

Popcorn can get stuck in your teeth and cause infections. Also, biting down on a kernel can crack your teeth if you susceptible to that kind of damage.

#9 Sitting in Office

Your risk of heart disease increases 64% if you sit at your desk for 6+ hours a day.

#10 Wearing Socks in Bed

Wearing socks in bed prevents the gaseous exchange of your body’s cells which not only damages your skin cells, but your brain cells as well.