Yoga For Complete Beginners – A Yoga Class In 20 Minutes

For those of us who have trouble meditating, yoga can be a good way to begin feeling what it’s like to be in a meditative state without the sometimes daunting task of simply sitting and trying to quiet the mind. Some of us have an easier time doing something while we are working towards quieting the mind, and yoga is perfect for that.
Yoga puts you in touch with your breath, your body and slowly gets you relaxed and quiet in your mind. Aside from the inner well-being benefits, Yoga is also a great physical activity for both men and women in not only gaining flexibility, but also balance and strength.
Below is a 20 minute routine involving some very simple poses for beginning so you can try out Yoga for yourself. The routine ends with relaxation and stillness as the body rests from the prior movements. This portion of each yoga routine is my favorite as you feel absolutely amazing. Try it for yourself!

This routine is demonstrated by Aruna and instructed by Sukadev Bretz of

Yoga Benefits
·         Build strength and flexibility
·         Relieves stress
·         Builds muscle and increases endurance
·         Improves posture
·         Increase focus, mental clarity and sharpness
·         Focusing inward illuminates habits and behaviours so we can choose to adjust things as we see fit
·         Helps bring balance to your neurological system & creates a healthier lifestyle
·         Increase your intuition as it is less buried by an out of balance body
·         Increase your creative abilities
·         Gets you more connected to yourself and the earth


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