20 Times Nature Won In The War Against Civilization

There is a war going on for this world. Civilization has waged an epic battle against nature and our concrete jungle has seemed to threaten the existence of all pant life, but nature is determined.

The will to survive and thrive is alive and well within all green-life. They will not be stopped. They will NOT surrender.
The war waged against nature...nature seems to be winning...

1. This tree didn't appreciate the sign being hung on it's trunk

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2. A pesky little thing like a chain link fence certainly wasn't going to stop it

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3. The battle is real

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4. Their warfare is adaptive. They can now grow blades out of their sides

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5. Nothing has ever been more determined

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6. They slowly move into our territory

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7. Its tactics are slow and methodical

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8. We try and build, but it will still conquer

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9. Mutiny

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10. It does not sit idly by

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11. Moss and algae are using guerrilla style warfare

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12. No one ever saw it coming

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13. It will not be ignored

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14. The take-over is coming

via A Taste Of The Road

15. It can be temporarily subdued, but it cannot be conquered 

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16.They will not be overlooked

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17. Soon there will be no trace

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18. The beauty of this war

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19. They take no prisoners

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20. Retreat is NOT an option

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main image source: flickr / killah.poopface
collage source: 1. flickr / Glowininja 2. A Taste Of The Road 3. flickr / killah.poopface
Via: diply.com