A Family Adopts This Abandoned Newborn Baby, But Their Reaction When They See Him For The First Time Is PRICELESS!!!

The Chen family has been fighting with infertility for 9 long years. And they lost, but it didn’t stop them from having a baby. Having a child was the biggest dream and goal of the Chens lives. 

They have gone through a lot, but never gave up hope. After years of searching, proving themselves, dealing with paperwork, this family finally found their baby. This is the most intimate, sincere and very emotional moment of them meeting their son for the very first time. 

Thanks to a woman that refused getting an abortion the Chen clan was able to experience the joy of parenthood. Let’s SHARE this beautiful story.

Author link : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuIa7xIvcRIPqCBpu_Lz9jg

If you are looking for a baby to adopt, search in Ukraine and Moldova. These countries have a lot of orphanages.Right now Ukraine is in a state of war. More and more kids every day become orphans. Being almost 20 times smaller than the USA, Ukraine has the same amount of orphans. The difference is, there are no foster care programs. Moldova is Ukraine’s closest neighbor. It is even smaller and has nearly the same amount of kids without parents. 

They live in orphanages, which are in terrible shape. They get support from local volunteers, but due to the bad economy it is barely enough. The early practice of adoption was described in The Code of Hammurabi and the Roman Codex Justinianus. Many of Rome’s emperors were adopted sons. Ancient China and India used some form of adoption as well. 

The modern period of adoption evolution is dated mid-19th century. When street of the biggest cities in the US got overcrowded by youth due to immigration and Civil War. To solve that problem minister Brace started the Orphan Train movement. Around 200 000 orphans were shipped to rural regions. Some families raised those kids as their own, others used them as servants and farm workers. The number of adoptions in the United States peaked in 1970. Today the United States has the largest number of children adopted per 100 live births.

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