Incredible moment rhino helps lift zebra free from mud

When this zebra fell into a mud pit, it’s fate was sealed.

But incredibly a rhino drinking in the waters nearby noticed that it was distressed and went to help. 

The rhino used its horn to scoop the foal from the mud, trying to save its life.

The incredible event was captured by South African guide Roel Van Muiden when he was showing visitors around Madikwe Game Reserve.
The foal was stuck in the mud when a rhino came to its aid (Picture: Roel van Muiden/Media Drum World)
The rhino scooped the foal out of the mud (Picture: Roel van Muiden/Media Drum World)
Sadly the zebra died soon after being rescued (Picture: Roel van Muiden/Media Drum World)
Unfortunately, the rescue was too late and the zebra foal, exhausted by trying to free itself from the mud, lost its life.
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