12 Hacks To Keep Your Summer Bug Free

Bugs are the worst things ever. I know that most of them help the environment and do good things that we all need, but when I'm hanging out outside trying to soak up some nature, the last thing I want is bugs buzzing around and mosquitoes biting me. 

1. Keep moths at bay with lavender pieces, cedar chips, or mint leaves. 

2. Put cloves in a lemon and set outside to keep wasps away.

3. Bugs hate Pine-Sol, so keep flies away with a 50/50 concoction of the product mixed with water and spritz it over everything.

4. Wasps also hate flea collars. 

5. Make your own orange citronella candle. 

6. Put out a dish of soapy water to repel mosquitoes. 

7. Or grow garlic in your yard. 

8. Set a cockroach trap using an old 2L plastic pop bottle. 

9. Use cinnamon or sidewalk chalk to keep ants away. 

10. Toss some sage or rosemary on the coals of the barbecue. 

11. Add some sage to a bonfire. 

12. Use baby oil as mosquito repellent. 

Source: diply.com