14 Ways You Haven't Been Using Lemons and Definitely Need to Start

by Christen Grumstrup | dose.com

Do you know how many beneficial aspects there are to lemons? Seriously, lemons are like a miracle fruit. The nutritional benefits from eating them are amazing, but everything else you can do with them is pretty astounding as well. Lemons can help you clean around the house, they can help you wake up with a clear mind in the morning... there is really nothing they can't do. Check out some of there amazing uses below. 

1. Try making a lemon face mask

2. Use lemon shavings as flavor and for added health benefits

3. Use a lemon so your apples don't brown

4. Use lemon as a natural cleaning product

5. Using lemon on your nails will clean and polish them up

6. Lemons are good for cleaning and brightening copper

7. Lemons can reduce soap scum on your bathtub or sink area.

8. Lemon mixed with rosemary and vanilla makes for a great way to freshen up your home

9. Wake up with a cup of warm water with lemon

10. Keep lemons fresher for longer in pitcher of water

11. Freeze a bag full of lemons so you'll always have some when you need them

12. Use lemons to keep avocados from turning brown

13. Freeze lemons as ice cubes

14. And finally use a lemon to clean your cutting board