Miraculous Effect: 10 000 Times Stronger Than Chemotherapy!

The lemon has a magical power to fight against the cancer cells, but the public is not informed about that. The reason why this is kept in secret is that the gigantic manufacturers of the chemotherapy and other “cures” for cancer will lose huge profits.

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The irony is that million people die of this disease only for the sake of money.

Besides the anti-carcinogenic it also contains many other useful properties. It has strong effect on cysts and tumors. The researchers tested the lemon on almost all types of cancer, and it was proven effective for the most of them. The combination with lemon and baking soda was proven to have even better effect because it can normalize the pH of the body.
One more benefit of this fruit is that it can be used against bacterial and fungal infections because it has anti-microbial effect. Some other conditions for which it can be used are: regulation of high blood pressure, reduction stress and in fight against depression.
This information was revealed by one of the largest manufacturers of drugs. Since 1970 they were researching the effects of lemon and for the sake of this they made 20 laboratory tests. All of them proved that lemon can destroy cancer cells of 12 types of cancer. What is more they compared its effects with the effects of Adriamycin and some other drugs and concluded that the lemon has even 10 000 times stronger effects.
The most positive thing is that unlike the chemotherapy that can destroy the healthy cells and cause many side effects that can be unbearable, the lemon affects and destroys only the “bad” cells while leaves the “good” unaffected, and has no side effects.
The patient should drink lemon juice with baking soda. It is recommended the lemon to be organic one, because it will achieve the best effects (100 times more efficient than the lemon contaminated with chemicals). In order to be 100 % sure that you are consuming organic lemons you can pot one.