Stunning Photos Of Moms’ Breastfeeding Outside Show That Nursing In Public Is OK

Photographer and Lithuanian Chicago resident Ivette Ivens feels that public breastfeeding should be the norm as it has been since the dawn of human life, and shouldn’t be stigmatized the way it is. Through her highly stylized photography, she wants to remind everyone that breastfeeding is OK. And that it’s a “totally normal thing.” She is a mother of two and breastfed her son until he was 3.
She says: “I nursed them both anywhere I wanted. From church to parties, from farmers market to high-end designer stores. I believe that mothers should nurse their little ones whenever they want to,” states Ivens. She is also a proponent for extended breastfeeding“Children know when it’s time to wean off. Mothers do too. Strangers don’t know, so they shouldn’t care.”
She recently held an exhibition in Chicago titled “I breastfeed my toddler”; later this year, she is releasing her photo-book, Breastfeeding Goddess. Ivens also specializes in family photography.
Some of her work can be viewed below:

Ivette Ivens’ book “Breastfeeding Goddess” is available for purchase here.
More info about her and her work can be found here: ivetteivens.comFacebookInstagramAmazon
This photography was originally found on Bored Panda.