Daily habits that we do destroy our vision

We bring you some of the everyday habits that threaten your vision. Giving up these bad habits could help your eyes look better, feel better.
Watching movies on a laptop or tablet
According to cuisineandhealth.com the proximity of the screen that is only 20 to 30 inches away from your face significantly tires and strains the eyes from which may occur and headache. Therefore, watching movies with a laptop or tablet is damaging your eyes. If you are already doing that, make a pause of 5 minutes and look into the distance.

Reading while driving
This is one of dangerous activities; in reading while driving your eyes are constantly on the move and trying to catch the focus. Therefore your hands are moving around, the eye significantly is burdens, two times more than the ordinary reading and that is why you can feel headache and blurred vision.
Less sleeping
During the night the eyes should be closed and rest. Less sleep to the eye does not allow to “rest” and can cause dry eye and cause eye problems.
Insufficient blinking at the computer
According to cuisineandhealth.com Insufficient blinking dries the eye and causes irritation such as burning and itching of the eye. If after using the computer you often feel aforementioned symptoms get artificial tears drops that protect and moisturize the eye
Going to the sun without sunscreen
Technically UV radiation is very dangerous for humans. Therefore your eyes cause various diseases. Therefore always use a sun glass that has adequate protection.