Hilarious 101-Year-Old Grandma And Her Little Sister Win The Internet

think we’ve just found our next reality TV stars.
Nobody curses, argues, and is more impatient than this great-grandma Gee, who’s 101 years old, and her 96-year-old little sister, Ginga. Have a good laugh and get to know these two ladies lovingly known as “the girls.”
They may get on each other’s last nerve and call each other every name in the book, but it’s clear these sisters are totally inseparable. From bingo games, ladies luncheons, and basketball debates, these sassy seniors do everything together, and it’s been this way their entire lives. It’s amazing how they’ve both managed to keep their wits about them and their sense of humors so well intact. They’re like a comedy duo, and I can’t get enough of their back-and-forth banter!
I love the clip from inside the car. “I can’t understand her. What did your mother say, Sheila Lynn? It sounds like something’s in her mouth!”
“I don’t have nothing in my mouth, you don’t have anything in your ears! Jesus God!” to which her sister quips back, “I hope you don’t put all of this crap on that MTV.”
My favorite part comes at the 5-minute mark, when the claws really come out. I haven’t laughed this hard from a video starring seniors since the Palmers were asked to star in a commercial for their local restaurant!