Weight Loss while sleeping, from Lemon, Honey & Cinnamon

The best way to lose your weight is eating while exercising. But present day’s people are busy with their work life, kids. In fact they don’t have much time to spend on exercising. In the meantime some people are lazy to spend their time on exercising. Hence this remedy is one of good remedies where you can use it at home. Further according to the World Health Organization. Lemon, honey and cinnamon are all foods that promote weight loss and may help you reach your goal.

  • Half of the organic lemon juice
  • 2 tbsp of organic honey
  • 1 tsp of organic cinnamon
  • 250ml cup of filtered water
  • Boil 250ml cup of filtered water
  • Put all ingredients in to a bowl
  • Let the boil water to be cooled and add water to the ingredients
  • Mix ingredients with water
  • Drink right after you mixed the ingredients with water
The best time to drink this is in the morning or before you go to bed in the night. It’s good if you can consume it on an empty stomach.
Reference: Nodutulokaya