Our Brains Fall In Love In Less Than A Second, Here’s How

Viralthread.com | When people say that their relationship was ‘love at first sight’, I often actually feel the vomit physically trying to escape my body. I mean, come on – who actually says that to people, it’s clearly bullshit. Love at first sight? Don’t make me laugh. Lust at first sight? Now that’s more like it.

However my cynical ways are being challenged by the very fabric of science. The so-called ‘spark’ that people dreamily refer to when they meet a new partner actually does exist…
With a new interesting study that uses functional magnetic resonance imaging, we are now able to see the immediate effects that love has on our brains. But will this shut up the lovelorn cynics like myself?
The study found that the time estimated to “fall in love” usually hits us in about one-fifth of a second.

Hang on a minute; what about all those months of getting to know someone and taking them on dates before you drop the L-word?! Is that all just social convention? The answer is yes, months of dating will make you love someone more, but it’s the very beginning that we truly realise we have fallen in love with someone.
For want of a better phrase, ‘love at first sight’ happens when waves of euphoria-inducing chemicals such as oxytocin, vasopressin, adrenaline, and dopamine spread through your brain. In short, love is a chemical addiction. Now I’m not saying that love is like crack – but it’s not a million miles away.
So next time you meet someone in a crowded bar or club and find yourself transfixed, don’t just shrug it off. That person might be the love of your life, so make it happen!