This Little Girl Has A Message For Her “Deadbeat” Dad. I’m SPEECHLESS…

grew up in a single-parent household, so I understand how difficult it can be for children to grow up with just a mother or just a father.
Of course, it doesn’t really matter who raises a child, as long as they do their best, but having a strong male and female presence in one’s life is extremely important for development. That’s why it can be especially difficult for kids who have two parents, but only one who is a part of their life.
For whatever reason, the little girl in this video’s father left her and her mother high and dry. She may be young, but she understands that her father made a choice to abandon his family and she decided to send him — and all the other “deadbeat dads” out there a very specific message.
This brave little girl wrote the following rap song to get her feelings out in the open, hoping her father will hear it and realize all the pain he’s caused.
Hopefully, sharing this video will help other deadbeat parents to step up their game…and inspire future parents to do the best they can!
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