Rescue a man of stroke using only a needle

A Chinese professor says you always should have a needle in the house because it is unconventional method of saving someone having a stroke.

Take the time to read this article because you never know if someone’s life may depend on you.
When someone gets a stroke – the brain capillaries gradually stretch and the man needs first aid and rest. The following tips will help you save someone’s life!
Regardless of where the victim is do not move him/her because if you move him/her their capillaries might burst thus causing bleeding in the brain! It would be best if you have syringe needle at home, but sewing needle will also to the trick.
  1. Sterilize the needle by holding it above flame for several seconds and then use it to make small wounds onto the patient’s all fingers.
  2. You do not need to have experience doing this or previous knowledge, you just need to make sure you cause bleeding from each finger.
  3. Make sure the wounds are bleeding.
  4. Once bleeding from all 10 fingers occurs, wait for several minutes and you will see for yourself as the patient is coming back to life.
  5. If the man’s mouth is dislocated massage both of his ears until they become red.
  6. Once they become red you need to use the needle in order to make wounds in both ears and wait for two drops of blood to come out. The victim’s mouth will no longer be dislocated.
Wait until the patient’s health condition normalizes and then take him to the hospital.
This method comes from traditional Chinese medicine, but it can be said that the practical application of this method is 100% effective.
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