Her Dogs Acted Strange Around Her Fiance, So She Sets A Hidden Camera. What She Finds? Sickening!

If there’s one thing most single pet owners are worried about, it’s that when they bring a new SO back to their place whether or not their animals will get along with them.
Ninna Mandin is a 26-year-old woman from Rio de Janeiro who decided to have her new fiancé move in with her and her two French Bulldogs Victoria and Gucci, but soon saw that they began acting weird. They had unexplained injuries, and her gut told her something was terribly off.
The footage you’re about to watch is what she managed to record while she was away one day, but I warn you this isn’t something for the squeamish. This dude has some serious mental issues, and there’s no way in hell he should ever be allowed near another animal again. Prepare to rage. Pass this on and make sure this scumbag gets turned in!
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