What happens when you sleep with your socks on?

Some of us sleep with the socks on because our feet are constantly cold; others can`t even imagine leaving the socks on before going to bed because they get hot and uncomfortable and can`t fall asleep. Both cases are not only habits, studies have shown that they reveal many things about our personalities and bodies.

What does it means if you sleep without sock?
Leaving the socks on when going to bed can make you feel trapped, sweaty, and nervous. This is because you have either thicker skin or a fast metabolism and excellent blood circulation. Your body is better in generating and preserving heat, so you don`t need the socks to warm you additionally.
This also speaks a lot about your character: barefoot sleeping indicates that you have very independent personality, you like your own, personal space, you always plan ahead and you prefer taking the lead- either at work or in a relationship. This doesn`t mean that you are selfish- you take care of the people that mean something to you, and you are very honest.
What about leaving the socks on in bed?
Probably you are just sensitive to the cold and have cold feet, due to thinner skin or slower metabolism and poor blood circulation. This affects the person`s perception of temperature and space, your perception of the external climate can be very different from some others (in this case, an individual who goes to bed without the socks).
What does this tells us about the personality? These individuals usually need to be protected, stay in a comfortable and warm place, having deep intimate relationships. They like to share their space with others, but also like to share lots of hugs and cuddles.
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