7 Tips you should follow while having Eye Make-up

- By: Margaux Diaz

There’s no downplaying the importance of our eyes. Some say they are windows to the soul, and while that might sound cliché, eyes certainly convey a lot of emotion and communicate whether or not we’re paying attention. Since they’re such an important part of communication, we can’t help but notice them. This is also why it’s so important to take care of those baby blues and tailor your eye make-up to create the right impression.
Use a primer
Having flawless eye make-up begins before the initial application. Your eyelids are like a canvas, and you’re the artist. To avoid smudging and creases, and make sure your make-up stays in place throughout the day, start with a primer. It will act as a base to make your eyelids smooth and ready for color.
Treat dark circles in the morning
If you look tired, and your eyes have dark circles or are all red and puffy, you might not even want to draw attention to your eyes at all. However, they’re where most people tend to look – making eye contact is natural. Instead of looking down all day and avoiding glances, treat dark circles in the morning with cream. How to choose the eye cream? Allure advises you get cream with caffeine if your eyes are puffy, vitamins if you have dark circles and collagen for fine lines.
Apply make-up based on your eyes’ shape and color
Everyone’s eyes and eyelids are totally different, which means your make-up should be different, too. According to Elle, there are 8 different types of eyes:
  • Round
  • Almond-shaped
  • Hooded
  • Prominent
  • Monolid
  • Deep-set
  • Close-set
  • Down-turned
How you apply your makeup, and the thickness depends on your eye shape since you’ll want to emphasize different parts to make really them pop. The same is true when choosing colors.
Blue eyes – choose lighter nude or pink tones like champagne.
Green eyes – use purples and light brown colors to make the flecks of yellow pop.
Hazel eyes – play up the complexity of colors with gold and green shadows.
Brown eyes – since you have such a neutral eyes, you can play with bold and unusual colors.
Take care of your eyelashes
Everyone wants big, lush lashes. To make your lashes longer and healthier, make sure you curl your lashes before adding mascara, so you don’t mess up the length and thickness of the mascara, smudge your makeup and put unneeded stress on your lashes. Remember not to pick at your mascara after you’ve applied it, or you’ll end up pulling out your lashes. For even thicker lashes, consider using best eyelash enhancers or a natural solution like castor oil.
Buy brushes
Most eye shadows come with dinky little sponge brushes. That might work when you were first testing make-up out in high school, but if you want to up your look from one basic color and start to blend like the pros, you’ll need some brushes. Cosmopolitan says there are four essential eye make-up brushes:
All-over eye shadow brush
Blending brush
Smudger brush
Angled eyeliner brush
These are the basics, but there’s plenty more brushes to choose from.
Use a setting mist
If you put a lot of work into your make-up and appearance, don’t just walk away once you’ve put the final touches. To make sure you keep your look fresh and smudge-free throughout the day, use a setting mist. It will lock your make-up in place so you won’t have to worry about touching up later on.
Always remove eye make-up before bed
After a long day, you might be tempted just to crash without taking off your make-up. However, removing your make-up at the end of the day is essential. When you sleep with mascara and eyeliner, it can get into your eye while you’re sleeping and cause irritation. Prevent red and puffy eyes and potential skin problems by stripping your face clean before you snuggle into bed.
The most important thing with eye make-up is to experiment and have fun with it to find the best looks that work for you, but with these tips, you’ll be able to get across the message you want to send with your eyes.
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