Mom warns scary gift used as lure could result in kidnapping

Always be aware of your surroundings for safety purposes. This woman was in her car, when another car suddenly parked suspiciously close to her in a not-full parking lot.
She quickly drove off, and then found something on her windshield, indicating her instincts were right. Here her daughter speaks about what happened. This should serve as a big warning on shady cars and free pretty pink jewelry.
Law enforcement has so far not been able to prove anything, but it always is important to be aware of your surroundings and trust your instincts.
Here’s her story:

A woman went on social media, warning about the dangers of so-called “free jewelry”.
The post has gone viral, and you’ll see why. Check out the photo of the big pink diamond ring in a baggy.
Here’s what happened:
“My mom was in Appleton at the mall, and parked at Macy’s.
“She was alone and looking at her phone as she was leaving the building and approaching her car.
“Right after she got in, still looking at her phone, she noticed a large white SUV with tinted windows pull into the spot next to her.
“She always habitually locks her door as soon as she gets in the car (thankfully).”

“She said she felt a little uneasy because there were so many other empty parking spaces, but they pulled up right next to her car immediately after she got in, so she decided to drive away.
“On her way home, she could hear something tapping against her windshield, but she didn’t want to stop.
“When she got home and out of the car, she found (the ring) under her windshield wiper.”

“This is exactly how human trafficking and abductions take place.
“They probably watched her get out of her car and placed it on her window, and waited for her to come back.
“Who knows what would have happened if my mom had gotten out of her car to see what was under her windshield while she was still in the parking lot.
“Of course, a person would be curious and want to read the writing on the bag, but in the two seconds it takes you to grab the bag from under the windshield to read what is on there, it might already be too late.
“Bad things can happen in the blink of an eye.”

“I STRONGLY urge everyone to tell your loved ones about this scenario, whether it be your daughter, son, sister, brother, mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, or friends — and/or share this post and get the word out.
“This happened in broad daylight to my own mom (a forty something year old mother of four) in Appleton, WI, and could happen to anyone, anywhere, at any time.
“Human trafficking and kidnapping is real, and not a topic to be taken lightly.
“You don’t think it will happen to you until it does.
“I stop by the mall by myself all of the time.
“After this situation, I would not recommend anybody go there by themselves, or go anywhere by themselves for that matter.”

“Especially teenage girls. ALWAYS try to travel in groups, and ALWAYS stay alert in parking lots or public places, especially at night.
“Don’t look at your phone when you’re walking to your car, and if you don’t have pepper spray, hold your hand in a fist with your keys between your fingers, perpendicular to your bones, until you get into your vehicle.
“It is so easy for predators to lure or target young women who are alone.
“So be smart, stay alert, and make it a priority to learn to defend yourself physically. Some people’s instincts and reactions don’t kick in until after the few seconds it takes for someone to sneak up and grab you from behind, and God forbid it be too late to save yourself.
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