Man Is About To Surrender His Dog To The Shelter When He Opens A Heartbreaking Letter From The Former Owner…

I brought my first dog home from the animal shelter. My heart was overflowing with happiness and anxiety. Getting a pooch can be the best feeling the world. In any case, you never expect you may wind up with a story like this. A man embraced Reggie, a Labrador puppy, and things were troublesome at first.
The man had as of late moved into another city and was attempting to make sense of his new environment. Reggie was attempting to change in accordance with his new surroundings as well. The haven had a two-week return period in the event that Reggie and the man were not a solid match. Before the end of the two weeks the man was going to take Reggie back to the safe house. That is the point at which he found a container containing Reggie’s stuff, alongside a vital letter from his last owner.
Read the letter below.

In the end, Reggie’s previous owner, Paul Mallory, was a soldier who had been killed in action while saving his three friends. The letter made the man see his new dog in a whole new way.
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