NiceBalls Are The Most Hilariously Perverted Way To Help You Relax At Work

Working at a desk all day can be incredibly stressful and hard your body. When you add typing into the mix, it’s just as hard on your hands. There are a number of squishy balls available on the market made to help reduce the negative impacts of carpal tunnel and other typing-related issues, but NiceBalls are easily the creepiest and coolest of all.

Imaginarte, a communications agency, collaborated with special effects engineer Rodriguez Romeo, to invent this nice pair of balls you can conveniently hang from your desk and play with at your leisure. According to the science behind what appears to be a gag gift, the suspension rate creates a Euclidean curve that promotes greater relaxation during your most stressful days at work.

They easily stick to the bottom of your desk, and while they are advertised as ‘discreet,’ something tells me people are going to notice a big pair of balls hanging from your desk… especially if you’re grabbing at them all day!
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