8 Awesome Traits Of Overthinkers

(Thinking Humanity) It's hard to make an overthinker fall for you. It is even harder to make them stay in your life. Their biggest problem is simple: they think way too much. They tend to analyze everything, that's why they are so afraid to make a commitment.

However, if you do meet an overthinker, don't let them go. They're really awesome after all. And here's why:

1) They are genuine.

Overthinkers know who they are, that's why they never pretend to be something they're not. They also expect from others to be true as well.

2) They mean it when they're sorry.

They’re not ones to enjoy hurting other people’s feelings. If they get in a fight with a friend or loved one, they’ll eventually break down the fight into each and every little detail so as to understand the battle from both sides. They’re sorry and they hope you accept the apology, because they won’t forget about it anytime soon.

3) They won't make a wrong choice easily.

Every choice feels vital for an overthinker. Something major could happen if they buy the wrong pair of gym shorts, you know? Actually, nothing will happen if they buy the supposedly wrong pair of gym shorts, except they will obsess over whether or not they bought the right pair. The same applies for relatioships. So trust an overthinker - they will do their best to make the right choice.

4) They know relationships can be challenging.

It is tough to deal with others, because most times they will never meet our expectations. Overthinkers do take their actions too seriously. Even if it was a simply innocent remark they put added meaning to it and they form more than a million explanations around it.

5) They dislike social media.

Not only are they afraid no one will like their Insta-post, but just the concept of taking a decent pic, choosing the right filter and concocting the perfect caption is a hassle in and of itself. Which explains why their last post was 50 weeks ago.

6) They will challenge you.

Ovethinkers will over-analyze every word you say, and they aren't afraid to call you out or disagree with you. But they will never judge you or intentionally put you down.

7) They are loyal.

Once they let you in, you are in for good. They will never leave you or stop fighting for you. They will always have your back unconditionally.

8) They don't like playing games.

Their heart is pure. They won’t mess with your emotions or manipulate you. They can’t stand ambiguity, so they will always tell you exactly what they think and not leave you to figure it out for yourself. They will never make you jealous or use you.

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