Every Finger Is Connected to 2 Organs: Japanese Methods Of Curing in 5 Minutes!

By Organic and Healthy

It's well documented that Japanese people have an extremely effective way of healing sickness and injuries. What we are about to show you will help you treat and cure many different ailments, very simply using their techniques. The best thing about this healing technique is that it only takes 5 MINUTES!

Japanese experts have suggested that every finger is hooked up to two seperate body organs. Jin Shin Jitsu system as its known is very powefrul! The technique is of ancient Japanese descent, a culmination of the societal art which was surfacing. It will no doubt help you in your healing and will balance emotions due to the stimulation of certain points on the body. That balance is very significant for the physical and emotional health of a certain person. 

This powerful ancient technique will help you to access certain body organs by holding a finger for only 3-5 minutes. You should breathe deeply in and out and afterwards, you should massage the fingers on both hands. The whole procedure lasts for around 3 minutes.

Below is an explanation of the technique that will show you all the connections between the fingers and the body organs:


Organs: Stomach and Spleenwort

Emotions: Anxiety and Depression

Most common symptoms: skin problems, stomach pain, anxiety, headaches, etc.

Index finger

Organs: Urinary bladder and Kidneys

Emotions: Fear, Confusion, Discontent

Most common symptoms: back pain, muscle and tooth pain, digestion problems, etc.

Middle finger

Organs: Yolky bitter and Liver

Emotions: Rage, Anger and Indetermination

Most common symptoms: menstrual pain, migraines, headaches, especially in the frontal area, tiredness, problems with circulation

Ring finger

Organs: Large intestine and Lungs

Emotions: Sadness, Fear, Negativity

Most common symptoms: asthma and other respiratory problems, digestion problems, skin conditions


Organs: Small intestine and Heart

Emotions: Anxiety and Lack of self-confidence

Most common symptoms: throat pain, heart disease, problems with your bones, etc.

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