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How To Naturally Care For Thyroid – Body’s Master Switch?

Why Is The Thyroid So Important?

We are driven by the fear of fatal ailments from cancer to diabetes and our energies and our health consciousness are focused on keeping ourselves safe from these disorders. But what if there are one organ that controls almost every aspect of how the body responds to internal and external stimuli by releasing or suppressing hormones? This one organ, the thyroid, not only determines the reaction in our body but the impact of the chemicals on every other other organ and process.

A balanced, optimally functioning thyroid augers well for a healthy basal metabolic rate, cardiovascular system, hormone production, glucose, protein, bone and cholesterol metabolism, red blood cell production, and gastrointestinal , liver function, gall bladder and brain function.

A Single Switch To Reset All Health Problems?

Going by the alarming and increasing numbers of people facing a thyroid imbalance, knowing this vital organ, its functions and consequence on our overall health should top your healthcare priority list. Since this one organ can literally make or break your health profile, “balancing” this one organ can be the magic wand to solve almost every nagging or severe problem you have faced for a long time.

Luckily, alternative ancient medicine (including Yoga) has cures for a variety of conditions that imbalance the thyroid, so knowing where to look can lead you to solving the problem holistically. Here’s a chosen set of knowledge sources, articles from our renowned experts panel, that will answer any query you have to prevent, cure and heal thyroid imbalances:
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  8. Hypo-Thyroid is often thought to be the cause of Depression, but is it really?
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  11. Concept & Management of Thyroid Disorder in Ayurveda
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