6 Lessons On Life You Can Learn From Tibetan Philosophy Or Living And Dying

Do you wish that you had a manual for life and know the answers to the secret of living a happy and content life? Religion and spirituality have been trying to show you the road map to a meaningful life. A world-renowned Buddhist teacher, Sogyal Rinpoche, offers a guide to live a better life. Here are some lessons from the chapters of this book.

1. Your Happiness Is In Your Hands

People look out for ways for a peaceful death. And peaceful death comes when you’re peaceful and content with your life. A person must understand the practice of compassion, peace, and kindness along with the ways of supporting the dying, which also includes spiritual practices.

2. Stop Being The Habitual Anxious Self That You Are

Life takes you through rough phases. The biggest problem of people today is that they don’t know how to relax. It takes time to practice the true art of relaxation. Imagine that your negative thoughts and feelings are melting you away. Start engaging in activities which can switch your mind off for a while. If nothing works out, try and take a nap.

3. You Need To Know Yourself

A large part of Buddhism emphasizes on discovering the timeless, the true self which lies beneath your ‘false’ self. You need to embrace what is real and what is already there. Be true to yourself, and spend some time with yourself for spiritual healing. Being comfortable with yourself is stillness.

4. The Spiritual Truth Is Common Sense And Nothing Less

Spirituality is merely moving from existing to living; living without mental clutter, the constant dissection of life. For example, when you eat a fruit, you fully experience the taste of the fruit. We are not miserable or confused in mental debris, and it’s our right to be peaceful and content. Each one of us reach a state where our consciousness is awake.

5. Meditation Opens All The Knots Of Your Mind

If you let your mind succumb to confusion, you will never find peace in anything that you do. You will become addicted to various toxic and hallucinating substances and become its slave. Devote you time for meditation and you will see that your mind is free of illusions, and with time you will achieve patience and discipline. Meditation will open your mind and doors to essential bliss and clarity.

6. Nothing Always Work Out The Way You Want

Planning for your future is a good idea, but planning for days and years ahead you is like going fishing in a dry puddle. You will be disappointed, shocked, and happy with what the universe has to offer you every day in life.

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