6 Stylish Long Hairstyles From The 60’s

Fashion trend has become a statement may it be in clothing style or hair style. It also becomes a part of every icon in any other field, especially in the modeling industry. Over the years, the evolution of style and fashion has a cycle wherein it comes back again and again yet it was already modified and becomes even better. Somehow there are retro hairstyles from the 60’s that have been amended at present yet still a lot of women choose the classic and original.
Below are the stylish long hair styles from the 60’s which you will surely love to wear from one occasion to another. And speaking of style, your outfit will never be complete without a hairdo.

1. Scarf Tied Updo

Updos are ideal for the fancy occasion, but it becomes greater if you add a touch of it. This particular hairstyle is on the go for busy women. It became a famous hairstyle during Rosie the River.

How to do it:

Make a messy bun, tie a thin scarf around a top knot then voila, a funky do!

2. Pulled Back Bouffant

As mentioned earlier, hairstyles have become a part of an icon which Jean Shrimpton has popularized along with her during the 60’s. This elegant classic will give feminine vibe yet with a slight of flirt that looks absolutely perfect.

How to do it:

Start backcombing your hair across your crown then pull back the bang area then pin it. To avoid frizz and fly away, finish the look with a hairspray to let your hair stay in place.

3. The Poker Straight Face

This works best with a long thin straight hair yet if your hair is wavy or a bit curly, use straightening tool like hair iron to tame. Singer inspired this hairstyle
Cher in the 60’s, nowadays it’s worn by many celebrities with a fashion statement.

4. French Twist

Oh, the lovely French twist! This one is a favorite by many since it can be worn from day to night and it will fit any occasion. Just add a touch of confidence, and you’re elegant and stylish.

5. The Sleek Bun Updo

Although many have tried to modify this hairstyle and combine it with the other this hairstyle is a favorite of many. It was even called the Bride’s Maid Hair. Best for formal gathering and is a beautiful dress updo.

How to do it:

Brush the crown of your hair to make it smooth and divide it into two at the center point. Pull the sides and pin them back using a few bobby pins. You can then adjust it the way you want it to way either half up or half down.

6. The Beehive

Get ready to tease! This is a bigger and exaggerated version of a bouffant.

How to do it:

Put your hair down and separated it into two (top and bottom) Take the front section then tease from the middle down to your crown. Make it as messy as you can to achieve a big hair once you flip it back. After that go on to the bottom section. Once done, flip your hair back then brush the top of your hair to make it look smooth then put on hairspray to hold.

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