Hiccup for 68 years

Charles Osborne grave. (JMeister / www.findmygrave.com)

Some myths predict having a hiccup to someone remembering you. But, imagine hiccuping for an entire lifetime, constantly, without catching a break. Do you believe that a man did it for 68 years of his life?

Charles Osborne, who had the severe ‘chronic’ condition had hiccups from 1922 till June 5, 1990. Charles holds the Guinness World Record for the same reason. It is estimated to have 430 million hiccups in his lifetime and surprisingly the hiccups use to subside while he sleeps.

He used to have 40 of them per minute, which usually reduced to 20 per minute during his wake time.  He was trained at the Mayo Clinic to breathe in between hiccups that would suppress the sound of it.

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