Weirdest Tourist Spots To Visit

Travel means expanding the experiences and learning by way of visiting places that are new to you. But there’s a better way to expand and enjoy your knowledge and that is to dare to be different and to places not that are not too mainstream.
This means, going to weird places that aren’t just Instagram-friendly, but are sure to make your trip one-of-a-kind.
We listed some of the weirdest place to visit when you’re in Asia; weird in a good, surprising and sometimes shocking way. Ready to be awed? Read on.

1. Chicken Church in Indonesia

Yes, there’s a church that looks like a giant chicken in the middle of the jungle. Although it is now abandoned the Gereja Ayam, is a “prayer” house built to portray an image of a dove. However, as the time went by, it was likened to chicken and people called it the Chicken church.
Chicken or not, it is still unusual to see a giant structure that looked like a bird! It has withstood the test of time and is still upright bringing fascination to tourists that dared to visit the former church.

2. Trunyan Village in Indonesia

Bali and Kuta are not the only tourist spots in Indonesia. We’ll there’s Seminyak and Lombok as well. But if you’re looking for something different to share to your friends and family back home, you should definitely try visiting the Trunyan village. A bit on the spooky side, the village has a unique burial ritual that entails bringing the dead under the tree and leave it there as its final resting place. The Taru Menyan tree (or the nice smelling tree) is known to absorb the smell of decaying body.
For years, people of the village have followed the ritual and today, visitors can go and marvel at the skulls and skeletons all lined up at the foot of the tree. This tour is not for the faint of heart but it’ll definitely be the talk of the town if you come back with photos of the place.

3. Penis Shrine in Thailand

We’re not kidding, this place does exist. Near the famous beaches in Krabi, there’s a shrine located on the mouth of Pharang cave. And as the name implies, it is dedicated to the phallic symbol or penis. The place is adorned with images and replicas of penises in various shapes and sizes.
But before you judge, the place is made with legend and spirituality on mind. Some say it is for prosperity and fertility and some locals still make offering to the Pharang Penis Shrine up until today.
For those tired of the usual white sand beach selfies, why not dare to explore further and visit the unusual places to see when in Asia.

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