Why the 90's is the Coolest Decade Ever

Millenials will never understand the glory that is the 1990s! The modern-day technologies and comfort cannot take away the fact that some old school habits and things bring a certain level of joy that’ll stick around for a long time.
If you do not believe how awesome the 90s is, here are some trivia to learn about the most amazing decade ever!
Casual relationship, Computer addiction
1. Pokemon

Long very the augmented reality and virtual reality games were developed, the kids of the 90s were already catching them all! Before the smart-phone inspired Pokemon Go went viral, the kids from the 90s enjoy the good, old Pokemon cartoon! And boy was it a hit. All kids new the names of the Pokemons and everyone can sing along with the theme song because they all know it by heart!
Even though there are no virtual Pokeballs during the 90s, it is still the decade that introduced Pokemon, an iconic cartoon and game franchise that is here to stay for a very, very long time.
2. Love Letters

Casual relationships in the 90s are definitely more romantic! If you’re looking for romantic ideas, you should look back into those glorious years. Without texting and phone calls, couples rely on the next best thing at that time, which is hand writer love letters.
Imagine the surprise people feel upon receiving heartfelt, handwritten notes on a crisp and scented paper. The youth these days may not encounter the same romantic courtship compared to that of the 90’s ways.
3. Cassette, Walkman

In whichever year, people are drawn into music. Innate music lovers live in every decade but differ in how they enjoy music. In the 90s you can take your music with your through a bulky and trustworthy Walkman. Every popular 90s kid has one. And the fascinating thing is the fact that kids managed to fit the huge music player in their pockets and it was considered cool. I bet they wouldn’t have it any other way.
At home, kids enjoy music stored in cassette tape, the ancestors of iPods. Kids these days won’t get to rewind and fast-forward a cassette using pens. Too bad.
4. Super Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, Pacman and other video games

Computer addiction is widespread in the 90s. Do you know why? There are tons of interesting games that you can play whether on your GameBoy console or with your family computer.
Remember Super Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog? If you were able to play with these games then congratulations, you’ve had a happy childhood.

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