In 2012, Doctors in China discover a thermometer inside a woman’s body – that’s been there for 44 years!

During a hospital check up, doctors discovered a nearly two-inch long foreign object inside a woman’s (who has only been identified as “Liu,”) left lung.
She told us when she was 12 she had a fever. The family put a thermometer in her mouth to measure her temperature, but she swallowed the thermometer on the spot, said Yang Qihong, Liu’s neighbor.
The patient and her family, unfortunately could have the object removed as her family could not afford the medical care.
Although the thermometer has stayed inside her lung for 44 years, it hasn’t caused any discomfort up until then. Doctors are concerned that if it breaks, the mercury inside the device could cause serious damage to the patient’s health. It’s not yet clear how doctors removed the thermometer. 
Oof! We’re rooting for you, Liu!

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